3 Important Dates for 2016 for Credit Union Marketers

As the Marketing Mammal, I’m tasked with managing the annual marketing calendar of conferences, special events and other important communication-worthy dates that affect our Kids Club partners and our overall business. After we see what’s happening and when, we plan our overall marketing strategy and tactics with the finalized calendar top-of-mind. It’s a very focused approach, and I like it.

In developing this year’s calendar, I couldn’t help but notice the three key 2016 credit union-centric events that we should all start talking about now.

1)  National Credit Union Youth Month® // April 2016

First, April is National Credit Union Youth Month®. It’ll be here before we know it. It’s also Financial Literacy Month. April is a huge opportunity to reach kids with not one, but two great reasons for 30 days straight. The Money Mammals team is working on products and promotions for our Saving Money Is Fun Kids Club partners to support this important month-long celebration. This is a critical time to reach kids in your communities with the credit union philosophy. We also mix in our “share and save and spend smart” financial literacy messaging to connect to FLM. You, as a credit union marketer, are always focused on opening new accounts. But this month is an opportune time to reach outside your existing membership base and promote your youth program to non-members in your community. And don’t forget about the children you currently serve with youth accounts. Make sure each youth member knows why it’s so great to have an account with a credit union. Show them how you care about their future as money-smart citizens of the world. Take that extra step to show them what makes you different. This year’s official National Credit Union Youth Month® theme is “Credit Union Strong™,” by the way. There’s a lot credit union marketers can do with that.

2) Credit Union Act Anniversary // June 26, 2016

The next date that popped up on my radar screen was Sunday, June 26, 2016, which is the 82nd anniversary of the date that Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Federal Credit Union Act. It’s another great opportunity for you to distinguish your credit union from other financial institutions. Write about it on your social media accounts on the days leading up to the 26th. Make this important anniversary known in your community. I haven’t seen too many credit unions talk about this “credit union holiday” before, and I think it’s a wasted opportunity to distinguish what you do from other financial institutions.

3) International Credit Union Day®, // October 16, 2016

The last date that I like to focus a lot of attention on is International Credit Union Day®, which takes place on October 16th this year. Here’s yet another chance for credit union marketers to preach the wonders of the credit union movement. Also, talk about how the philosophy has spread from America to other countries. It’s pretty cool if you think about it. You can really build upon this date if you’ve done marketing during the two aforementioned events, too. Start a dialogue with the basics of the CU philosophy and financial literacy in April, build upon it with the history of the movement in June and then drive home how international things have gotten in October.

I’ll be back with more credit union youth marketing ideas over the coming months. I hope you enjoy my first post. If you have any feedback, I’d love to hear from you. I can be reached 24/7 at emily@snigglezoo.com.


Emily Smith

Marketing + Operations Mammal

The Money Mammals

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