Where to find The Art of Allowance Podcast

Website, Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, Radio Public

Set up and preparation

Before the day of:

  • Upload your profile pic here.
  • Sign the podcast release.
  • Our discussion should roughly one hour. Please make sure you leave a buffer of 10 minutes on either end just in case. Please also let me know. if you have a hard out time.

The day of:

  • Plug into ethernet if possible or be in a place with fast WiFi.
  • Plugin headphones with a microphone or use headphones and a good microphone.
  • Be in a quiet place.
  • Silence smartphone notifications
  • Record your sound locally

How to start the podcast on Skype:

  • Open Skype.
  • Call John on Skype @snigglezoo.
  • Go to settings — change speakers to your headphones.
  • Change microphone to your microphone (if you have an external microphone).
  • Tap mic to make sure sound is live.
  • Record locally (see below).

Mac Local Recording: Record using Quicktime:

  1. Turn on Quicktime.
  2. Create a “New Audio Recording”
  3. Turn audio levels all the way down on top.
  4. Make sure the audio is recording from the correct microphone (i.e. if you are using an external mic).

PC Local Recording: Record using Sound Recorder:

  1. Open the Sound Recorder application in the following location: Start>All Programs>Accessories>Sound Recorder
  2. Click Start Recording to begin recording
  3. Click Stop Recording to stop recording
  4. Choose a filename and destination in the window that pops up
  5. Click Save

After the recording:

Upload your local audio file from your computer here.

If you have any preferred personal links to share (such as Instagram over Twitter) let us know.

If you want to listen to the podcast before it is published, we can send it over after the first edit, but our turn around time is very fast, so we ask that you listen as soon as possible. Unless otherwise stated, we will assume you do not want to listen before the podcast goes live.

Video & Audio Setup for Remote Recording: MINIMUM

Audio: Wear Earphones/headphones with mic close to your mouth (preferred) OR apple AirPods.

Record audio locally in case of internet failure. Share audio with John after the interview.

Video (if you don’t want us to post the conversation to YouTube, please let us know!): Set up somewhere with a clean, professional background. Make sure you aren’t backlit. Contact John if you would like to run an AV test.

Video & Audio Setup for Remote Recording: IDEAL

Use headphones to reduce sound bleed. Use your own microphone and record your own local audio to your computer. Send your audio to John right after the interview.

Video: If you have a great video set up, use that including great lighting, good camera, and a great background. Contact John if you would like to run an AV test.