Do you want to raise a money-smart, money-empowered child?

Your credit union can offer this one-hour interactive, online course taught by John Lanza, creator of The Money Mammals & author of The Art of Allowance.

This course is for parents who…

  • Know it’s important to teach their children money smarts but don’t know where to start.
  • Have recently had their incomes reduced and are unsure how to handle concepts like allowance. 
  • Aren’t sure whether to tie allowance to chores.
  • Are worried that they might be spoiling their children.
  • Are overwhelmed by how much stuff their children are accumulating.
  • Are concerned that they might pass along bad money behaviors to their children.

For Parents. Presented by Your Credit Union.

From the three core money-smart skills your kids should learn to setting up an allowance that will grow with your family, parents will learn what they need to know to guide their children along the path to money smarts.

For parents of toddlers to teens, this course will help families build a program to raise a money-smart child.  

Course Overview

A one-hour session for up to 50 members. Presented via Zoom.

  • Why You Need to Raise Money-Smart Kids — The Age of Self-Sufficiency
  • Getting Started Early — Three Core Skills & Three Jars
  • Allowance & Chores — Understanding the Connection
  • Useful Tactics — Interest & The Waiting Period
  • Difficult Conversations — Talking with Your Kids in Financially Stressful Times
  • Growing Your Program (Tweens & Teens) — The Breakthrough Allowance
  • Your Thriving, Happy Family


Praise for the book, The Art of Allowance: a short, practical guide to raising Money-Smart, Money-Empowered kids, upon which this course is based:

Concise. Real. Optimistic. Non-judgmental. My kind of book. John shares honest, warts-and-all stories about the practical techniques he honed over more than a decade to raise kids who are thoughtful and capable with money. (The ‘Breakthrough Allowance’ for teens is a personal favorite.)

Bill Dwight, Chief Dad @

I highly recommend this book for any parent looking to get their child familiar with financial concepts. Where other similar books will offer a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, this book recognizes that not all children (or parents) have the same means, or ideas, about saving, and gives the reader suggestions instead of solutions. It also offers parents versatility and freedom to incorporate their own ideas and get their child on the track to being money-empowered regardless of whether they start at age 5 or 15!

Jeremy Cybulski, Community Engagement Manager, Community Choice Credit Union

We’ve been working with our children on managing money for a number of years and were struggling with the transition from ‘small change’ allowance to a more substantial amount (middle school). This book was short but packed with ideas for my wife and I to consider. We started using some of the approaches presented in the book and modified our current save method to help the kids plan for a bigger purchase and quickly saw the kids change their view of their ‘spend’ and ‘save’ money. Time will tell what they ultimately take away, but I am glad I read this book. I feel much more confident in our efforts now.

Action Jim, Amazon review

Your Instructor

I’m John Lanza. I’ve been teaching parents how to raise money-smart kids for over a decade. I created The Money Mammals to help kids get excited about money-smarts. I wrote The Art of Allowance to help parents raise money-smart, money-empowered kids, from toddlers to teens. I’m excited to bring what I’ve learned to parents everywhere with this online course that will be interactive, educational, engaging and fun.


$500 for credit unions
$250 for NYIB member credit unions
Special pricing for Saving Money Is Fun Kids Club partner credit unions

Suggested Add-On

Art of Allowance 100-book pack — $500 (Kindle) / $1385 (Bound)

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