Looking for Copywriter, Developer and Designer

I’m looking for a few key people to help us build THE internet resource for parents to help them raise money-smart kids. This is The Art of Allowance Project.

I’m looking for a kick-ass copywriter, a killer full-stack developer and an ambitious creative designer.

I am looking for forward-thinking designers interested in creating a beautiful and practical digital destination. This will be an exciting challenge.

I want partners to help us build out a site that will help us continue to spark generational change.  I believe that the double-whammy of the 2007-8 Great Recession and now the COVID-19 pandemic will drive parents to prioritize essentials going forward. Preparing kids to be money-smart will be high priority.

You will work with me personally (and my team) to help us build a consistent visual brand that’s instantly recognizable across platforms. You’ll have plenty of creative autonomy and the freedom to think big and help us pursue bold ideas.

If you or anybody you know is interested, please send an email to john@snigglezoo.com with the subject line: Allowance Project Designer.

Here’s what you should include: First, share links to your 2-3 sites you love that emphasize your strength — copywriting, coding or designing. Second, share links to 2-3 of your favorite relevant brands and in around 500 words tell me why. Third, provide a 250-word description of why you’re the right fit for this project. Finally, share links to your personal website, portfolio, and your relevant social media handles.

That’s it! 

No resume. No recommendations. No cover letters.

Just show me your best work, be creative with your response, and tell me why you’re the right fit for this project. We’re a distributed company that relies on asynchronous communication so your written response matters. I look forward to hearing from you.