The Money Mammals fills a gaping void in children’s educational videos by teaching the value of money. In today’s society where debt is an epidemic, the Money Mammal message to children to “share, save, and spend smart too,” may just be a catalyst for change.”

— Amy N., Colorado

The Complete
Money Empowerment Kit

This indispensable kit is loaded with award-winning Money Mammals content!

The Complete Money Empowerment Kit includes The Art of Allowance book for you, and the entertaining, educational Money Mammals DVD and picture book trilogy for your kids. Click here to read more about the Kit

A Great Place
to Start

“This book changed the dynamic with our fourteen-year-old around money.” 
— Susan, Money Mammals parent

Are you worried that you’re spoiling your child? Overwhelmed by how much stuff your child is accumulating? Wondering if and when an allowance might help? The Art of Allowance might be what you need. Click here to read more about The Art of Allowance.


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The Money Mammals like to have the last word...

Just try keeping this song out of your head.