3 Ideas to Share and Save – 025

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“Working to help parents raise money-smart kids.”


Welcome to another edition of 3 Ideas to Share and Save.

I noticed that far fewer folks 😢 are clicking the links later on in these messages, so I’m testing a shorter format this week 🙌 .

— 1 —

From the Archive: I’m not sure which one of my kids sketched this. Maybe my wife and I were too heavy-handed with our money-smart lessons at the time 🤔 .

Lanza Lady cartoon about money smarts

— 2 —

Money Need Not Be Complex: Cryptocurrency, meme stocks and the plethora of fintechs available give us the impression that money smarts is more complex than it actually is 🤑 . Let’s not lose sight of the basics. These shareable cards are from The Art of Allowance Project’s ADOLESCENT$ program. Learn more here.

Live beneath your means

— 3 —

We’re All Experiments: A few years ago, my daughter asked me, “Are we an experiment?” She was referring to our parenting. Here was my response.

I hope you find this experiment — a shorter edition of 3 Ideas to Share and Save — useful.

And as always, I hope you enjoy the journey.

John, Chief Mammal

P.S. Please consult with a financial or investment professional before engaging in any decisions that might affect your own financial well-being.

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