5 Great Youth Financial Literacy Links

These are some of the top resources that I’ve found that can help you teach your kids about the value of money:

Allowance Magic – A short, simple and authoritative allowance system.

“Learning Your Monetary ABCs: The Link between Emergent Literacy and Early Childhood Financial Literacy” – Great study about the importance of teaching kids and building good money habits young.

Frugal Dad – This dad is on a mission. Join him.

First National Bank of Dad – I LOVED David Owen’s book. His wit and wisdom can help you teach your kids about money. Also, the book is incredibly well written.

The Money Mammals (www.themoneymammals.com) – Full disclosure: I created this DVD. Like Frugal Dad, I’m on a mission to teach kids about the value of money, and I believe it’s important to make the process fun. Our DVD is a family affair: My wife and I came up with the concept to teach our kids about the value of money, I wrote the script and my brother wrote the songs. Your kids or grandkids will love the DVD, and they’ll learn something in the process.

Let me know what you think, and please let me know YOUR favorite resources.