A0A 001: The Art of Allowance Podcast Intro – What to Expect from The Art of Allowance Podcast – A Short Primer for You

This entry is a short primer to help explain why I decided to launch The Art of Allowance Podcast. The podcast feels like a natural extension of the book. It’s a chance for me to have parent-to-parent conversations, so I can tease out ideas that you and other parents might find useful.
I hope to be your guide as you work to raise money-smart, money-empowered kids, and I’m excited to bring these interviews to you. Because every child is unique, I think you alone will be able to determine which interesting and insightful ideas the parents and I discuss will work for you and your family.


  • The mission of this podcast [0:25]
  • A little about John and The Money Mammals [2:42]
  • The three core money-smart skills [3:25]
  • A little perspective on allowance, finances and parenting [3:45]
I hope you enjoyed this episode of The Art of Allowance Podcast. Please subscribe to our show to help me have more conversations with parents and discover more ideas to help us all raise money-smart, money-empowered kids. You can find out more about our movement at theartofallowance.com as well as download a sample or get a copy of my new book, The Art of Allowance. You might also want to check out The Money Mammals, our program to get your kids excited about money smarts when they’re young. Until next time, I wish you and your family well as you journey forth. Thanks for listening.