A0A 002: A Mom Discovers an Allowance System that Finally Works

With Guest Sondi Sepanuk

Sondi Sepanuk is a friend and mom who was frustrated by allowance programs that didn’t work for her family until we discussed a different approach that immediately made sense to her. We examine what didn’t work before, what’s working now and why. 

 In our wide-ranging discussion, we consider many different topics, including:
    • Decoupling chores and allowance
    • Discovering the thrift store
    • How the new approach is “future-forward” and like training for life
    • The excitement of seeing her kids thinking ahead
    • Why begging for money stopped
    • How long between implementation and seeing the effects
    • Why asking your friends how to set up an allowance system might not make sense
    • Opportunity costs

We also discussed an investment program that she hasn’t implemented and that my wife and I have just begun with our 14- and 12-year-old kids, www.stockpile.com. I learned about Stockpile at the FinCon conference in Dallas last year and thought it might be a good way to introduce our kids to stock ownership through investing in fractional shares. Note: This is not an endorsement of Stockpile. We are not affiliated with the company. I just wanted to include this reference in the show notes because I think the program is an interesting way to introduce kids to investing. 
  • Getting started with a non-chore-based allowance system [2:50]
  • How Starbucks can teach kids to stretch money and make choices [9:15]
  • Adjusting to a new allowance system [13:11]
  • The Share jar and charitable giving [17:26]
  • Different allowance personalities [21:43]
  • Saving versus investing [23:38]
  • Sondi’s specific allowance routine [24:31]
  • Needs versus wants [27:29]
  • Allowance review and adjustments [33:41]
  • Additional money responsibility [35:46]
  • Intangible expenses [38:52]
  • Tying chores to allowance and other methods [39:47]
  • The “why” behind the process [44:05]
  • Changes in the way Sondi and her family look at money [45:34]
  • Money empowerment and control [51:50]
  • Education and studying abroad as investments [52:28]
  • Money-smart successes [55:48]
  • Stockpile and investing [56:51]
  • Promoting charitable giving [57:40]
  • “Save smart. Spend wisely.” [59:43]
I hope you enjoyed this episode of The Art of Allowance Podcast.

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