A0A 003: How a Financial Educator Plans to Teach His Young Son to Become Money-Smart

With Guest Jeremy Cybulski

Jeremy Cybulski is a Credit Union Developmental Educator (CUDE) who has presented financial literacy to thousands of kids. He is also now a dad to a 4-year-old, and we discuss the main money issues he often sees and how he plans to help his son grow up money-smart and money-empowered.

 We touch on many topics, including:

    • Advice for parents to help them avoid spoiled children
    • The importance of opening up a money dialogue with your kids
    • Why it’s important to keep talking to your kids about money (Hint: They’re listening.)
    • A few simple strategies 
    • Foundation for allowance
    • Simple ways grandparents can contribute to their grandkids’ money smarts
    • What Jeremy learned about the lure of leather seats in his first car
    • The home of Pez headquarters


  • A little about the National Youth Involvement Board (NYIB) and Jeremy’s involvement with kids and money [2:39]
  • Negative money connotations: money fear versus money entitlement [6:41]
  • Starting the money conversation with your kids [9:57]
  • The success story of Rachel: “If the message is good, just keep talking. You never know who’s listening.” [16:37]
  • Early action-based money engagement via banks, toys … and vents [21:15]
  • Grandparents’ involvement in the allowance process [26:53]
  • Jeremy’s future financial concerns for his son [28:18]
  • Financial failure as an instructional tool: leather car seats and Pez headquarters [32:20]
  • Money, honor and pride lessons learned from Jeremy’s grandfather and father [41:25]
  • “Stuff” and identity [43:18]
  • Experience as a financial teacher [48:45]
  • The importance of financial educators [49:31]
  • What led Jeremy astray from money responsibility but towards money empathy [51:22]
  • The concept of paying yourself first [55:40]
  • Money empowerment, confidence and trust [58:04]
  • Jeremy’s two biggest investments: his first home and Wheel of Fortune auditions [59:04]
  • Contemplating your financial future now [1:01:32]
  • Jeremy’s affinity for Dr. Seuss [1:03:01]
I hope you enjoyed this episode of The Art of Allowance Podcast.

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