AOA 004: The Art of Allowance Podcast – How a $100 Per Month Allowance for Your Tween or Teenager Can Save You Money

With Guest Melissa Disharoon

Though her husband and sister were skeptical of the dollar amount, guest Melissa Disharoon took the leap to a much larger Breakthrough Allowance for her three teenagers. She soon discovered that she was saving money with this new approach. We cover a lot of ground in this episode, including the stark money differences among her three kids, two of whom are twins.
“The hand that gives, gathers.”
— Swedish proverb

Here are a few of the themes we touch on:

  • Stepping up your child’s allowance at any time even if the basic allowance doesn’t seem to be working
  • The importance of consistency and parental partners’ aligning their goals
  • Dealing with kids who are dipping into each others’ jars
  • Hemorrhaging cash as the tipping point that led to a restart allowance
  • People’s expressing shock at the size of your child’s allowance…until they realize that it’s saving you money
  • Getting past money guilt and shame so that these emotions don’t keep you from implementing an effective program
  • Putting the shame aside and talking to your kids, as these actions protect them as they get older
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