AOA 005: Learn the Importance of Balance to Help Your Allowance Program Grow with Your Child into Her Teen Years

With Guest Atsuko

Atsuko, a mom, emailed me recently to say that her now 16-year-old daughter had started learning money smarts with The Money Mammals back when our program first came out. Of course, I had to have her on this podcast. I think you’ll enjoy our interesting and wide-ranging conversation, including her use of “balance” as a guiding force (for you Jedi warriors out there) in raising a money-smart child who is clearly on the path to money empowerment.

“Learning how to spend wisely is as good a lesson as learning how to save.”


 We touch on many topics, including: 

  • Just saving for saving’s sake—the proverbial “rainy day”—is no fun for a younger kid.

  • How starting money discipline early paid off

  • Why her daughter is empowered when she shops

  • Decision making is a difficult and an important life skill that an allowance can help teach.

  • Why spending smart sometimes requires spending more

  • When you teach your kids money smarts, you often learn something yourself in the process.

  • Why moving to a debit card can be scary

  • Why she requires her daughter to make cash deposits

  • How even a couple of pennies of interest—FREE MONEY—made an impression on her daughter

  • 100 ramen recipes (a college staple transformed)

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