AOA 016: Your Kids as Your Business Owners — With Guest Dave Hanley

“Preparation isn’t scary. […] It delivers you peace of mind.”

-Dave Hanley

My guest on this episode of The Art of Allowance Podcast is Dave Hanley, a Fulbright Scholar and a father of four. Dave considers himself a digital entrepeneur and is the founder and CEO of Tomorrow, a company whose app allows users to ensure their families’ financial futures by creating wills and trusts for free.

Dave and I discuss the following topics during our conversation:

    • How he involves his kids in his business
    • How he introduced his older children to investment as pre-teens
    • How his “spender” son protects himself by putting money in his brokerage account
    • How he basically ran two experiments: one with his older kids with an allowance and one with his younger kids without an allowance
    • Training his kids’ brains about compound interest
    • College finances: how his dad helped him and how he’s helping his own kids

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    • Dave as an “incurable entrepreneur” and the CEO of Tomorrow [1:59]
    • The benefits of Dave’s having his four kids as shareholders of his company [2:54]
    • Dave’s allowance system for tweens and teens [6:12]
    • A discussion of money personalities [8:18]
    • Dave’s two allowance experiments and how he missed the proverbial boat [11:32]
    • The concept of spending on consumption [13:38]
    • What Dave learned about budgeting from his parents [14:00]
    • Compound interest and “magical money” [15:36]
    • The challenges (or lack thereof) of having kids as investors [19:12]
    • Corporations as constructs [20:19]
    • Tough questions and indirect money conversations [21:31]
    • What Frank Herbert’s Dune has to do with life insurance [24:45]
    • The social problem of wills and how Dave’s app works [27:34]
    • What prompted Dave to start Tomorrow [29:02]
    • The investing conversation for younger kids (Don’t feel you need to be an expert.) [30:39]
    • Dave’s lessons learned from his father’s “income statement view of finances” [32:46]
    • The college conversation and the ability to make trade-offs [36:07]
    • College scholarship resources and tools [38:01]
    • “Money-empowered” as money demystified [39:26]
    • Travel as the best investment [39:42]
    • Some self-love advice from Bohemian Rhapsody [40:25]
    • Preparation and peace of mind [42:02]
    • Journaling as a tool [42:39]
    • Finding Dave on the Web and improving his app [44:30]

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