AOA 027: How Over $100k in Student Loan Debt Sparked an Educator’s Passion to Teach Financial Literacy to Families (Including His Own) — with Guest Kyle Osborne

“Life’s about a bunch of choices. If we can have good conversations around the choices, I think we’re going to be in a better place financially.”

-Kyle Osborne
Kyle Osborne and family (wife Michelle, Osborne, Ella, Judah, Lilly, Lincoln & Noelle).

Do you ever wonder where the real heroes are?

Look no further than Council Bluffs, Iowa. In this episode, I talk with Kyle Osborne, the Director of Financial Literacy at TS Institute in southwest Iowa, about helping families become money smart. Kyle is a financial literacy education expert and works closely with teachers and administrators to provide free, effective financial literacy resources for grades K-12. In addition to working with schools, Kyle also works with area Non-Profit organizations to deliver financial literacy courses.

SHOW NOTES (Find what’s most interesting to you!)

  • How Kyle got into major college debt (over $100k), paying over 50% of his income out of college to pay it off. [5:02]
  • How Kyle and his wife forged a plan to get out of debt. [6:22]
  • Your core values can help drive the habits of your life. [7:19]
  • If you don’t know your own “yeses,” then others will define them for you. [10:22]
  • How Kyle makes his $10/month spending budget last. [12:36]
  • Kyle’s view on lending to his kids and how it might affect the dynamics of the parent/child relationship. [15:52]
  • We discuss Kyle’s comment that “life’s about a bunch of choices.” [20:52]
  • Kyle’s allowance breakdown is focused on saving and sharing. [22:52]
  • What has surprised Kyle about teaching financial literacy to school-age kids? [ 26:15]
  • Kyle was kind enough to mention that he uses The Money Mammals in the schools. You can download these financial literacy education teaching resources here. [28:22]
  • We discuss financial literacy education efficacy in the classroom. [29:52]
  • Kyle explains how they’ve set up a school banking program to drive savings habits and help schools groom money-smart kids. [36:42]
  • Some of Kyle’s schools have seen a drop in free-and-reduced lunches in schools with a financial literacy education and savings program (and by connecting with parents). [38:22]
  • Recommended financial literacy books for kids: Rock, Brock and the Savings Shock, Isabel’s Carwash (entrepreneurship), The Money Mammals books, The One Grain of Rice (compound interest)
  • Kyle works at the TS Institute. Find out more about their programs here.

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