Cornerstone Foundation Collaborates with The Art of Allowance Project

“We are excited to add The Art of Allowance Project, The Money Mammals, and ADOLESCENT$ to our preferred financial capability initiative. Snigglezoo’s programming uniquely speaks to the family spectrum and sets up the entire family for financial success.”

– Courtney Moran, Cornerstone Foundation Executive Director

The Art of Allowance Project, featuring The Money Mammals and ADOLESCENT$, has collaborated with the Cornerstone Foundation to help credit unions in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas raise money-smart kids of all ages.

A press release published by the Foundation offers more details of the partnership:

  • The Art of Allowance Project’s role as a Cornerstone Preferred Financial Capability Service Provider
  • Details of The Money Mammals program for young children
  • Highlights of ADOLESCENT$, a new portal for tweens and teens
  • How The Art of Allowance Project encourages families to address critical financial literacy issues while helping credit unions develop lifelong members