CUInsight – Helping Parents (Moms in Particular) Raise Money-Smart Kids Is Good Business

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“If institutions want to help families raise money-smart kids, then they must connect with moms.”

– John Lanza

Surveys show that parents want to raise money-smart kids and that they know they should be the ones teaching their children financial literacy. Institutions like credit unions can and must help. Discover how and why doing so is such a good business decision in Chief Mammal John Lanza’s recent CUInsight feature.

In this post, Lanza discusses:

  • The state of financial literacy in the nation’s schools
  • Why parental involvement is critical during a money-smart journey
  • Two important areas oh which parents should focus when teaching financial literacy
  • The importance of making mistakes
  • How credit unions are uniquely positioned to improve youth financial literacy
  • Marketing to moms