Jump$tart – Financial Fridays: The Money Mammals

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“Snigglezoo brings educational content to life to promote financial literacy for children. We focus on helping families raise money-smart and money-empowered kids by providing parents, teachers and socially conscious businesses with enriching, engaging materials that focus on real-world, core financial skills.”

– Erin Prim, Snigglezoo Entertainment Client Services Coordi-gator & Marketing Manatee

Snigglezoo Entertainment believes that by making financial literacy learning fun, parents, teachers and socially conscious businesses can be helped to raise a generation of money-smart children. Find out how in a recent Jump$tart Coalition Financial Fridays feature.

This profile highlights the following regarding Snigglezoo Entertainment:

  • The resources offered, including The Art of Allowance and The Money Mammals
  • Links to the company’s Jump$tart Clearinghouse listings
  • How to connect with Snigglezoo Entertainment on social media