My Favorite Books


The First National Bank of Dad by David Owen – Hilarious and incredibly well-written, this book will put a smile on your face while giving you invaluable real-world advice on how to teach kids about money.


Allowance Magic by David McCurrach – David’s book is both solid and concise (very important for busy parents). This is THE allowance plan. Get it.


Dr. Tightwad’s Money-Smart Kids by Janet Bodnar – Janet is the PF Editor for Kiplinger and is a luminary in the field. She was one of the first people to start talking about the importance of raising money-smart kids.


Raising Financially Fit Kids by Jolene Godfrey – A classic, well-researched book that offers unique insight into how and why to raise money-smart children.


Gold Start by Andrew Lendnal – Like me, Andrew is another dad motivated by his children. His book is chock-full of great ideas and lots of activities that you can do with your kids to help them learn.


Happy reading!