3 Ideas to Share and Save — 004

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3 Ideas to Share and Save


I’m not sure about you, but I feel like I’ve been drinking from a firehose of information. So I’ve decided to super-streamline this message. Just simple, practical content that you can use in time-to-digest order.

Here are my 3 Ideas to Share and Save

— 1 —

(2 minutes) Self-professed time nerd Ashley Whillans joined me again for a wide-ranging discussion about improving time use in families. I asked her, “Can our kids multitask better than we can?” Here’s what she said…

— 2 —

(10 minutes) Learn about the quiet conversation you need to have with yourself to raise money-smart kids.

— 3 —

(55 minutes) With states opening back up, listen to my discussion with consumer expert Trae Bodge to discover ways your child can become a smarter shopper (besides donning a mask and using hand sanitizer).

Stay safe. Stay healthy.

Chief Mammal

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