3 Ideas to Share and Save – 035

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“Working to help parents raise money-smart kids.”

Hello, credit union folks. This week’s 3 Ideas to Share and Save are just for you.

With budget season upon us, I want to share several ways you can work with my team to spread the money-smart message.

— 1 —

Sponsor The Art of Allowance Academy: My one-hour course is a unique way to differentiate your credit union from other institutions in your area.

Parents want to raise money-smart kids, and sponsoring this class can help you establish your credit union as the institution in your community that’s thinking about the entire family. Because raising money-smart kids isn’t just about empowering kids. It’s also about empowering parents by helping them understand how to be their children’s guides (no matter the money mistakes they’ve made themselves in the past).

Here’s what Veronica Dangerfield, of recent sponsor Patelco, said about the course:

“Thank you very much for last night’s presentation. I have seen 100s of webinars, and yours is the best teaching tool. It connects the emotional and has practical, useful information to set in action right away.”

Click here to learn more.

— 2 —

Three Programs in One: If you want to do more than plant a flag, then you can become an Art of Allowance Project digital partner.

When you partner with us at this level, you get three award-winning programs in one. There’s the Money Mammals Kids Club you know and love; our new ADOLESCENT$ program for tweens and teens; and material from my Art of Allowance book, podcast and course for parents.

Reach out, and we can get your co-branded site up in a matter of days.

It’s that simple.

— 3 —

The Full Monkey: Of course, you can become a full-fledged partner and move beyond just our digital offerings with:

  • A quarterly newsletter to keep kids engaged ✅
  • A full suite of in-branch and digital marketing materials ✅
  • Resources to educate kids & reward them for saving with you ✅
  • Full-body character costumes for IRL events in your community ✅

Take a look at our full catalog to see all that we have to offer you and your team.

As a partner, we’ll give you the five-banana treatment:

  • Our team will help onboard you and your staff 🤝
  • Then we’ll help you launch your program 🚀
  • And we do quarterly check-ins to make sure your new program continues to grow 🌱

Our mission is to help parents raise money-smart kids, and working hand-in-hand with credit unions like yours is what we do best.

If you’re interested in finding out more, then let’s connect here!

John, Chief Mammal

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