AOA 006: An Award-Winning Financial Educator on the Importance of Starting the Money Conversation and Creating “The Family Jar”

With Guest Tabatha Thurman

Tabatha Thurman is an award-winning financial literacy educator who has taught money smarts to tens of thousands of Oklahomans. She is also a mom to a four-year-old who, as you might imagine, is learning about money smarts from a very young age. Tabatha and I both believe that starting a conversation is one of the most important tenets of financial literacy, so it’s only fitting that I would have her on the podcast to chat. Tabatha gives us an assessment of the state of financial literacy from the front lines, talks about how she’s started an allowance for her little one and shares a new term that I think you’ll love—The Family Jar.

“It’s personal finance for a reason. It’s personal for you and your family.”
— Tabatha Thurman


Here is a sampling of the topics we cover:

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