AOA 043: What Families Need to Know to Cultivate a Culture of Prosperity – With Guest Ellen Rogin

“Generosity precedes prosperity.”

– Ellen Rogin

What are the keys to cultivating a culture of prosperity?

Ellen Rogin has made it her life’s work to educate, counsel and guide people to grow their prosperity and to use it as a force for good in their lives and in the world. The co-author of the bestselling Picture Your Prosperity: Smart Money Moves to Turn Your Vision into Reality and a TEDx presenter, she has been quoted in such national publications as The New York Times, Money and The Huffington Post. As a consultant and a speaker around the globe, Ellen combines her deeply credentialed experience as a former financial advisor with her intuitive abilities to guide people to a clearer understanding of what they can do to enhance their relationships with money, identify their money strengths and chart an inspired path to reaching their financial and business goals.

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Show Notes (Find what’s most interesting to you!)

  • What Ellen considered the most fascinating trend during her time as a financial advisor [3:43]
  • Ellen defines prosperity and explains the concept of prosperity programs. [4:49]
  • The impact of parental monetary attitudes on kids [7:45]
  • A breakdown of the Rogin allowance, which was always divisible by 3 [10:42]
  • Giving children control of their own money matters. [11:42]
  • Volunteer vacations and letting go lead to serendipitous learning. [13:07]
  • Providing a reasonable allowance allowed Ellen to say no to her kids’ spending requests. [14:41]
  • Even adult children might need a little reminder to put money in their “Share jars.” [17:58]
  • Charitable giving has many benefits, including improved life outcomes. [20:20]
  • Setting up a practical prosperity picture (vision board) with your kids [25:03]
  • How Ellen used visualization to become a more confident math student [29:01]
  • Ellen’s current visualization techniques and suggestions for success [31:15]
  • Testing the theory of abundance [35:40]
  • Financial difficulties can cause “toxic stress” and even reduce one’s decision-making IQ. [37:04]
  • Fostering gratitude in our children [39:16]
  • The importance of independence and saving [43:17]
  • Simple tips for helping the “spendy” child save [44:35]
  • Ellen’s interpretation of money empowerment [45:21]
  • Volunteer vacations as investments [45:38]
  • Being grateful and generous [45:57]
  • “Not giving back … giving forward” [46:18]
  • Ellen’s book recommendation for parents [46:54]
  • Finding Ellen on social media and the web [47:25]
  • A final thought on good deeds [47:55]

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