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3 Ideas to Share and Save


There are only five days left to register for my new course, The Art of Allowance Academy.

  • Worried about your kids’ making money mistakes?
  • Did you know making mistakes is a feature of allowance?
  • Want to know how and when to start an allowance?
  • Not sure you’re the best person to teach your kids money smarts?

We’ll address these questions and more. There’s so much that an allowance can help us teach our kids, and I’m excited to share much of this with you.

The course is risk-free (30-day money-back guarantee), and I don’t want money to be an obstacle for you. We have a simple policy — email me if funds are tight, and we’ll give you access.

And now on to this issue’s 3 Ideas to Share and Save…

— 1 —

Robin Taub introduces us to two new jars in the latest episode of The Art of Allowance Podcast. Robin describes herself as “not your typical accountant.” She offers lots of interesting stories and advice that we can use to help us on the journeys we’re all on with our own families.

You can link to the full episode below or an Art of Allowance short in which we discuss how much more careful kids are with their own money.

The Full Episode | Allowance = Money-Careful Kids

Robin Taub on The Art of Allowance Podcast

— 2 —

Did you know that we are hard-wired to enjoy the wanting of things more than the actual having of those things? Consumer goods companies know this, and it’s something that an allowance can help us teach our kids. With practice.

In my latest post, I share some personal stories that I think will be helpful in getting your head around how to approach this with your own kids.

— 3 —

I love to read, and I recently launched a personal site to share one-paragraph summaries of books that I’ve found useful.

I thought you might enjoy these three summaries of books that have helped me better understand how we all relate to money and stuff. I’ve included a notable quote or quip after each one that I think further distills each book’s message.

Your Money and Your Brain

Your Money & Your Brain
by Jason Zweig
“We are intuitively poor investors.”

by Greg McKeown
“Essentialists bring forth more by removing more.”

Stumbling on Happiness
by Daniel Gilbert
“We regret the things we didn’t do.”

Zweig’s and Gilbert’s books share a similar theme: Respect how our brains trick us. A lot.

That’s it for now. I hope you’re finding these resources helpful. I’d love to know who you’d like me to interview on the podcast or what issue you’d like me to address on the blog.

Until next time, I wish you and your family well on your own money-smart journeys.


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