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3 Ideas to Share and Save


By now you’ve probably watched Netflix’s The Social Dilemma. The movie describes how social media is manipulating us, not unlike how slot machines exploit gamblers. A parade of Silicon Valley insiders relates how services like Facebook, Twitter and now TikTok grab our attention and don’t let go.

The film centers on ex-Googler Tristan Harris, the co-founder of the Center for Humane Technology and the de facto leader of the ethical technology movement. It shines a spotlight on the unfair fight technology is winning as platforms battle for our attention.

The Social Dilemma is a call to arms for parents. Our kids’ eyeballs are the products sold to social media companies’ customers — advertisers. Raising money-smart kids demands that we help our children navigate this new landscape. I’ve collected three practical ideas to share and save that will help you and your family get a grip on dealing with social media.

— 1 —

Let’s start with Doctor Robert Reiher and his useful concept of blocking out e-time — enrichment time you can spend technology-free with your kids. Reiher suggests using overt cues to identify these sacred screen-free moments.   

— 2 —

Josh Golin is Executive Director of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood. My full conversation with him was so rich that I’ve included two useful snippets. In the first, Golin explains why we should be concerned about TikTok. The second contains Golin’s suggestions for how we can reframe the concept of screen time.     

— 3 —

Will we ever be able to take long vacations again? Of course! But in the meantime, time and happiness expert Ashley Whillans explains that short breaks are valuable. In fact, several short trips might have more benefits than one long one. What could be more COVID-friendly than a quick weekend camping excursion?  

I hope you find one or more of these three ideas useful.

Until next time, I wish you and your family well on your own money-smart journey.


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