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“Working to help parents raise money-smart kids.”


Anyone else out there hooked on the Euros like my family is? Soccer (football for you purists) has been a part of my life and my kids’ lives since they emerged from the womb. I even featured my two girls in their first team outing together in this post (and below).

My wife has photographed their games for years and become a fairly fervent soccer fan herself.

We even attended the Women’s World Cup in Canada back in 2015. You know, the one featuring Carly Lloyd’s wonder goal.

Soccer has been a consistent part of our lives for a long time. And consistency is the theme of this edition of 3 Ideas to Share and Save.

— 1 —

Courtney Moran: I was excited to finally connect with my friend and colleague Courtney Moran for a conversation about money smarts. Courtney has been a part of the credit union financial well-being movement even longer than I have. During our discussion she shared hard-earned wisdom gained while hosting reality fairs, training trainers and helping credit unions identify and close financial literacy gaps

Courtney is a new mom, so she also shared her financial hopes for her daughter. Not surprisingly, and in keeping with the philosophy around these parts, she plans to take a consistent approach to teaching her money smarts. A consistent allowance gives children opportunities in experiential learning (“practice” for you money non-nerds). It also begins that lifelong conversation we can have with our kids as we guide them to money empowerment.

— 2 —

Cornerstone Foundation Partnership: Courtney is also now a business partner. She, Staci Zale and the crew at Cornerstone Foundation have been believers in our mission to help parents raise money-smart kids since the early days — when we were just beginning to carve out our goals.

It’s for that reason that I’m excited to announce our partnership with the Cornerstone Foundation to bring our program to more credit unions in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. And with this newly reimagined program, The Art of Allowance Project, we know we’ll be impacting many folks’ lives with Cornerstone’s help. You can find out more about the program by registering for our informational webinar. Hurry, it’s tomorrow! And if budgeting is an issue at your institution, Cornerstone offers grants to support programs like ours.

— 3 —

More from Gene Natali: We began video-ing our podcasts this year, and I regret we didn’t start doing so sooner. The resulting clips are great for folks who don’t have the time to listen to the full episode but are looking for highlights. They are our podcast tl;dl’s (too long; didn’t listen). 

Here are two podcast shorts from my conversation with Troutwood CEO Gene Natali. I think you’ll enjoy these, and I hope you’ll share them.

Thank you for being a consistent reader of what I’ve been sharing with you each Money-Smart Monday. I hope you’ve found some of this information worth saving and sharing yourselves. If so, I’d be grateful if you could share this newsletter with friends or family who you think might also enjoy it.

I’ll wrap up our consistency theme with this picture of my girls postgame this year — the first and last time since they played together long ago.

As always, enjoy the journey!

John, Chief Mammal

P.S. Please consult with a financial or investment professional before engaging in any decisions that might affect your own financial well-being.

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