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“Working to help parents raise money-smart kids.”


I took August to reflect on the direction of this newsletter and how I can continue to connect with readers like you. Your attention matters, and I want to share only content worthy of it.

Please let me know if there’s any area of interest I haven’t covered (or haven’t covered enough) which you’d like me to write about or discuss on the podcast.

In this memo, I’m sharing what you have identified as the most popular content I’ve released this year. So these 3 Ideas to Share and Save include an essay from my blog, a discussion on The Art of Allowance Podcast and even an issue of this very newsletter.

— 1 —

Tweens and Teens: I suppose it’s not surprising that this year’s most popular blog post, “6 Essential Concepts Teens Need to Grasp to Become Money-Empowered,” is written for parents of tweens and teens.

We took a big step forward this year by creating an entirely new program for older kids to compliment The Money Mammals for younger children. It’s called ADOLESCENT$, and it’s a core component of The Art of Allowance Project that we also launched this year and which is now being used at our partner credit unions across the US.

If you work for a credit union and would like to partner with us or if you’re a member who would like to see this program at your local credit union, then please let me know. We are actively looking for new partners because we have a big goal: We want to help one million families raise money-smart kids before the decade is out.

— 2 —

Brad Klontz and Meaningful Money Scripts: I’m not surprised my conversation with Brad Klontz topped the charts. Brad’s advice that we should take all personal advice with a grain of salt is something I’ve thought about a lot since our chat. His recommendation was a reminder to avoid being too prescriptive (e.g., “Do it this way.”) with our offering and to stay focused on providing frameworks upon which you can build your own program.

— 3 —

Most Read Memo: The Memorial Day edition of this newsletter was a big hit. I found this result counterintuitive because our team originally discussed pushing it a day later (to Tuesday) to avoid the three-day weekend. It turns out that people check their emails (and look for money-smart content) on holidays. Interesting.

In that memo, I was most excited about sharing my new short essay on The Age of Self-Sufficiency. Today’s consumer landscape means that we must work hard to ensure our kids are ready for the real world.

I hope you enjoyed these 3 Ideas to Share and Save. If you like this newsletter, then I’d appreciate your forwarding it to someone you think might also value the content I bring to you each week.

Enjoy what’s left of the holiday, and, as always, the journey itself.

John, Chief Mammal

P.S. Please consult with a financial or investment professional before engaging in any decisions that might affect your own financial well-being.

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