AOA Small Change 002: What Does the Term “Money-Empowered” Mean to You?

In this second installment of our shorter-format episodes — which we call “Small Change” — I explore the term “money-empowered.” This concept is a stated goal of The Art of Allowance (Heck, it’s part of the subtitle!), and its definition is a question I ask of almost all my podcast guests. In this episode, I present you with four interesting responses and why I think each one of them is meaningful. Listen to what these contributors have to say, and think about what the term “money-empowered” means to you.

SHOW NOTES (Find what’s most interesting to you!)

  • The theme of money empowerment [0:17]
  • Money empowerment and teaching values with materialism expert Tim Kasser [0:49]
  • Harvard professor Ashley Whillans‘ emphasis on experiences over things [2:14]
  • The idea of using money as a tool [3:38]
  • CNBC reporter Kelli Grant on the combination of financial literacy and curiosity, or rather, “knowing what you don’t know” [4:24]
  • Making money-smart decisions with experiential learning expert Ashley LeBaron [8:53]
  • A section on failure from The Art of Allowance [10:54]

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