AOA Small Change 001: Top 4 Takeaways from the First 5 Episodes of The Art of Allowance Podcast

Here’s a little something new at The Art of Allowance Podcast. This is the first of our mini episodes, which we’re calling “Small Change.” Each of these episodes is shorter than our typical interview-format shows and is filled with bite-size chunks of nutritious info. Think of “Small Change” as a yummy snack (and please ignore my mixing of metaphors). In this first helping, host John Lanza selects his top takeaways from the first five episodes of The Art of Allowance Podcast and provides some quick thoughts as to why he’s chosen these particular exchanges. Let us know what you think of “Small Change.”

SHOW NOTES (Find what’s most interesting to you!)

  • Welcome to “Small Change!” [0:05]
  • Jeremy Cybulski‘s advice to parents about teaching their kids money smarts [1:28]
  • Thoughts on The Breakthrough Allowance with Sondi Sepanuk [4:56]
  • Melissa Disharoon‘s different perspective on The Breakthrough Allowance [7:49]
  • An “interesting” perspective with Atsuko [11:10]

Looking for more information on how to set up a Breakthrough Allowance for your tween or teen? Then perhaps my blog post on the subject is worth the read.

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You might also want to check out The Money Mammals, our program to get your children excited about money smarts when they’re young. Until next time, I wish you and your family well as you journey forth. Thanks for listening.